09.00 - 09.50 U.S. Inequality, Fiscal Progressivity, and Marginal Taxation – What’s the Real Story?”
(Paper joint with Alan Auerbach and Darryl Koehler)
Larry Kotlikoff
09.50 - 10.40 Taxing capital along the transition - Not a bad idea after all? (with H. Fehr) Fabian Kindermann 
11.05 - 11.45 The Optimal n-Bracket Linear Income Tax And Multidimensional Taxpayer TypesJeremy Bejarano
11.45 - 12.25A Model for Dynamic Revenue Estimates: Approaches and Challenges
(Co-Authors Jason DeBacker, Richard Evans, Evan Magnusson, Shanthi Ramnath, Isaac Swift)
Kerk Phillips
12.25-12.45Future Directions in Tax Policy Analysis Ken Judd
Lunch break
14.30 - 15.20 Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation Arpad Abraham
15.40 - 16.30 Taxes, debts, and redistribution with aggregate shocks
(Co-Authors Thomas Sargent, Mike Golosov, Anmol Bhandari)
David Evans
16.40 - 17.30  Fiscal Discriminations in three wars Tom Sargent